Commission Status
I’m most likely always open for commissions but reasons can happen. So feel free to contact me about commissions before coming up with hopes and wishes. I don’t want to destroy them!

All prices are in €.
Prices might increase depending on how much I rely on finding references, if you cannot provide any. Likewise I make discounts sometimes.

Small Icons (between 16×16 to 80×80):
10-50 €




Fully fleshed out illustrations vary from 50 € to 600 and more.
It is all dependend on the amount of detail you wish to have added in your commission.



I do draw:
– My topics are Fantasy and similiar
– Completely different topics might not turn out as expected

I will not draw:
– Porn/Hentai
– FanArt

Terms and Conditions

By commissioning me you agree to all terms written down below.

The Artwork remains to be my property. You may post it online on social media or similiar. You may not claim it as your own work. Commercial usage is – unless otherwise agreed upon – strictly forbidden.

Payment via PayPal only.
I will start to work on your commission once payment was recieved.
Payment must be recieved within 7 days after the commission slot was granted.

You may request changes while I work on your commission, but you can’t demand them.
I might consider using your commission for prints and similiar. Please clearly state, wether you do not want this at latest once your commission is finished.

I reserve the right to:

– Post my works on social media or any other platform that I see fit.
– Decline any commission without justification.
– Make changes to these terms at any given time, if I feel required to do so.

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